Friday, January 16, 2009

The Crotts fam: Tim, Chris, Brian and Jon...Carina, Hayden and I, Nan and Micah

Bringing Hayden downstairs Christmas morning

He didn't know what to think

Santa reviewing his hard work before bed

The Geo Trax train was a HIT

Christmas eve and day with the Crotts family

This year the Crotts family came to Lexington to spend the holidays! Our house was full with Nan and Brian, from Arkansas, Carina and Tim, from California, and Micah and Jon, from just down Man-O-War! We enjoyed every minute we had with them and were reminded daily just how blessed we are to have the family we do! It was a fantastic Christmas and what made it even more special experiencing the magic through our two-year-old! Many, many sweet memories were made~
Hayden's car from Nana & Papaw
Hayden and Daddy Snuggle
Chris and I
Hayden and Uncle Tim jam

Saturday, December 13, 2008

On the mend

my little little Picasso
This last week has been full, but unfortunately full of sneezes, coughing and grumpy moods! Hayden has had a horrible cold that has sidelined much of our activities; perfect timing when mama has shopping to do, work, errands to run--and looks forward to dropping the little guy off at the gym's playroom! Oh well, Hayden had been in great health for about 7 months, so he was due, right? Happy to report he's now over it, but guess who's feeling run down? Mama and daddy, that's who! We're not nearly as bad, but still, it's a bummer to be congested and lacking energy...

Here are a few photos from the past week of Hayden helping me make banana bread, doing a "Christmas project" and enjoying some outside time yesterday!

p/s A special hello to my blog's new "biggest fan" you gramps! keep checking in--you're why I do it!

Hayden begged to go outside. It was a brisk, wet 40 degrees! So, we bundled up in two layers and braved it. After an hour i literally had to drag him back indoors to thaw him out!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving at the Kramer home

Hayden attacking his aunt Megan

"Get Meg's nose!"

Hayden and great-grampa, the golf champ!

My gramps and grama

Chris, Hayden and I traveled to Eaton last Thursday morning to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with my family. I dropped Chris off at the golf course and he played 18 holes with my dad, grandpa, uncle don and three others. This group consisted of some very good golfers...but my 85-year-old grampa Kramer beat them all! So, we were all very proud of him (sorry Chris, sorry Dad)! Megan and I helped mom in the kitchen before my aunt, two uncles and grama and grampa arrived for dinner. To say we had a feast is a huge mother went all out, as usual. Every bite, every dish was just fantastic and we definitely ate our fill! I wish I'd taken more photos, but i was just too wrapped up in the fantastic little moments we had! Later on we received a visit from some dear family friends, the Hawleys, and then ended the night by the fireplace with entertainment from Hayden and his best buddy; grampa!

Ohio State v. that school up north

This mama got a much needed and very special day out Saturday, November 22. I traveled to Ohio and my awesome parents treated me to an OSU football game. But not just any game--the final home game of the season; and the one that some say is for "all the marbles"--the Michigan game! It was only 20 degrees, but we got there early and tailgated with friends! My dad's famous bloody Marys and mama's chili helped keep us toasty! We walked to the stadium to see the band play before the game started and to enjoy the atmosphere. The spectacle that is an Ohio State home football game is truly something to witness! I had a wonderful day and it was kinda nice to have my parents all to myself; there on either side to watch our buckeyes beat out the wolverines 42-7! But man, did I miss Chris and Hayden ;)
I got another treat the next day...a stop in Cincinnati to have a birthday dinner with Megan, my little sister who turned 25 on the 22! Happy Birthday Wookie~
Enjoy the pics! My parents and I, Script Ohio (though the view doesn't do it any justice) and my Michigan "pal" who sat directly behind me!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mr. Sillypants

One of the many things I'm thankful for...Mr. Sillypants!

You're a good boy, Hayden Crotts

Today Hayden was angry at me (for making a quick phone call) and to show it he deliberately picked up a glass vase and hurled it at the floor. The flower arrangement broke out of it and the vase shattered. I was so taken aback at witnessing this that I promptly hung up and scolded him, along with a little spank. He knew what he'd done--and I couldn't believe he did it. He went from fuming to crying and as he did I felt that familiar wash of guilt, but I stood firm. I picked up the glass and vacuumed while he watched in silence. Later after he'd had his lunch I was washing the dishes when I saw him walk back over to the table where the vase had been...he quietly picked up the flowers and tried to stand them back up like they had been sitting before. He didn't know i was watching. He was somber and determined. I walked over to him, with melted heart and tears in my eyes and knelt down, asking for a hug. He said "better, mama" and motioned to the flowers before giving me a big hug. When he pulled away I looked in his eyes and said to him "you're a good boy Hayden." And then I told him I loved him and explained how it was wrong to act the way he did, but also that fixing it was a sweet thing to do. It really was his way of apologizing. He IS a good boy. Sure he's wild and crazy and he definitely has a temper, but he's two...he's allowed to make mistakes. He does bad things sometimes, but you know what, this time I'm confident he learned a lesson out of it. Call me crazy, but I recalled the incident the rest of the day with a sense of pride. And after it was all over, he was extra good the rest of the day to boot!